Sales & Services

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Budd Scale provides sales of scales of all sizes and capacities from grams to tons.



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Lab Scales
Platform Scales
Hopper Scales
Batching Scales
End Loader Scales
Truck Scales
Scale Printers
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Bench Scales
Livestock Scales
Belt Scales
Filling Scales
Axle Scales
Railroad Scales
Software Systems for Truck Scales




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Delivery, installation, setup, and calibration of new devices.

Repairs of existing scales, mechanical, hydraulic or electronic.

Calibration with certified weights and equipment by registered technicians.

Registered with several state Weights and Measures Departments.



Service Area

We are currently servicing customers in 4 states in a 150 radius from Uniontown Pa. Other out lying areas upon request. Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, portion of Ohio.