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Delivery, installation, setup, and calibration of new devices.

Repairs of existing scales, mechanical, hydraulic or electronic.

Calibration with certified weights and equipment by registered technicians.

Registered with several state Weights and Measures Departments.

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About Budd Scale

[img w=”237″ h=”180″ align=”left”]http://buddscale.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/home_sm.jpg[/img]Budd Scale Sales and Service has been providing Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Maryland with quality support, sales and service since 1980. Located in Uniontown, Pa. Budd Scale is committed to providing its customers with new products, maintenance programs, data collection (attended and unattended) and services tailored to meet individual requirements. Whatever your needs, whether you are weighing jelly beans, palletts, tri-axles, tractor trailers or train cars, we provide products and services second to none.

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